The company Agricon belongs to the internationally successful Big Dutchman group.
Agricon has become an important partner as global supplier of buildings for animal production.

Agricon is a leading provider of professional and technologically based consultancy and support services for the livestock industry. Engineering remains at the heart of our business but, in response to the changing needs of the markets, Agricon has broadened its range of skills and resources and provides customers with comprehensive services throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

We build farms using the most advanced technologies and provide modern designs made in accordance with the most recent standards, all regulations and the applicable environmental requirements, simultaneously assuring a good quality as well as economical results. Our team of well-qualified engineers, who are able to assure professional technical documentation, prepares all projects.


Sorry, but we do not offer standard buildings.
Our standards are the customers requirements.

Agricon offers buildings for all parts of the world. Our buildings are designed to meet local standards and requirements. Their light structure, modern technical solutions and high-quality materials make them a very good alternative for customers who care about construction and running costs, welfare of animals and good production results.

Agricon uses high-quality materials and executes buildings carefully. This provides the customer with more efficient buildings. For all kinds of livestock – especially pigs and poultry – Agricon has a suitable option for your part of the world. From extremely low to extremely high temperatures, we can design a building to meet your needs.


Feed mill housings

Pig Buildings

Poultry Buildings

Project Management

  • Livestock production consultancy
  • Financing and business plans
  • Environmental & construction permissions
  • Technical supervision during development of the investment

Technical designs

  • Technical documentation for complete farms
  • Master plans
  • Construction designs
  • Architecture designs
  • Installations designs
  • Technology designs

Delivery of livestock buildings

  • Broilers
  • Layers
  • Rearing
  • Pigs
  • Ducks
  • Turkeys

Building advantages

  • Quick delivery
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • High-quality and certified materials
  • Long durability
  • Light structures with proper protection against corrosion
  • Smooth internal surfaces of walls and roof – quick and easy cleaning
  • Proper thermal insulation – good for extremely cold and extremely hot climates
  • Full compatibility with any kind of technology equipment
  • No “standard building” – customizing the buildings in accordance with the customer´s requirements
  • Technical supervision

Agricon designs

  • Complete technical designs of production buildings with all necessary infrastructure facilities
  • Foundation designs adapted to local circumstances and standards
  • Steel structure designs optimized with regard to weight and strength
  • Various languages of technical documentation
  • Optimum design criteria for every location and respecting animal welfare
  • Technical documentation in accordance with any kind of technology equipment